SupaLite Warning: Beware Cladover Cowboys

People selling substandard products that they pretend are well-known superior products. It’s an age old story. SUPALITE ROOF CONSERVATORY: A real one! There were probably people passing off stringy monkey meat as prime mammoth meat in the days of Fred Flintstone.  And what these types of cons have in common throughout the ages [...]

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Why Do Conservatories Get So Hot In The Summer?

When your job involves working with conservatories there is one question you get asked a lot - why do conservatories get so hot in the summer. Fortunately, we know the answer and we are also able to explain how to rectify the problem. In fact, rectifying the problem is a large part of what we [...]

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Should I Knock Down My Conservatory?

Conservatories can lead to exasperation for homeowners and a sense that it is best to knock the whole thing down. Sold as a year round space and the perfect room in which to relax and unwind, they are often quite the opposite, a room that is too hot in the summer and too cold in [...]

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Creative ways to enjoy your conservatory

We probably get the most use out of our conservatories during the summer months, when the room is warm from the sun and there are ample windows to enjoy the view of the garden as you sit and relax. However, it can get too hot during the summer and often your conservatory is then shut [...]

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Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

Choosing to replace your conservatory roof can be a big commitment and an important decision when it comes to improving your conservatory; whether you want to update the exterior or you want a more comfortable living space with an ambient temperature, the SupaLite Lightweight Solid Tiled Roof is the way to do it. You may [...]

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The Best Plants to Keep in your Conservatory

With the sun shining and shoots starting to bud early on the trees it makes you want to see flowers blossoming inside your conservatory as well as out in your garden. Your conservatory may just be an extra space for your family or guests to enjoy, either as a second lounge or somewhere to entertain [...]

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Conservatories v Orangeries – What is the best option for your Home?

It is a common question asked when people are considering making some improvements or additions to their homes. Many people are not aware that conservatories and orangeries, although similar constructions, do have their differences and can have different impacts on your house. A conservatory serves a different purpose to an orangery and so here at [...]

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Introducing the New Sky Vista Roof – the insulated tiled roof with glass panels

So many people say to us that they are fed up with being too cold in winter and too hot in summer, and can’t hear themselves speak when the rain is pounding on their roof in their conservatory, so they end up opting for our fully insulated SupaLite tiled conservatory roof. Some customers choose an [...]

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Interior Design for your Conservatory

  Once your conservatory has been built, complete with its SupaLite conservatory roof of course, you now have that great extra space for you and your family while ensuring your new conservatory remains at an ambient temperature all year round, even when there’s snow on the ground outside. Possibly the most fun you could have [...]

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