Four ways to reduce energy bills at home

Everyone likes to save money wherever they can – whether you’re saving up for a major purchase like a holiday, new car or deposit on a home, or are just putting some money away for a rainy day. When it comes to actually saving money, however, this can sometimes be easier said than done. While [...]

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Find The Light With Brilliant Bi-Fold Doors

PCL's Karen Ackerley visits a friend's house, who recently installed bi-fold patios doors to see if they really do make a big difference.  It may not have been the best British summer but there's still plenty of time to enjoy late summer and early autumn days by opening up your home with bi-fold patio doors. [...]

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Conservatory Roof Options – Glass v Polycarbonate v Solid

When choosing a conservatory there used to only be two options for the roof - glass or polycarbonate.  Often, the decision would come down to budget - glass costing more but seeming preferable to a plastic, poly carb roof that would have a limited lifespan. Nowadays, though, there are extra options. Fortunately, this is one [...]

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Conservatory v Home Extension: Face Off

Homeowners who want a larger house but without the expense or difficulty of moving are often faced with a choice: should they choose an extension, or should they opt for a conservatory? In this post we will look at some pros and cons of both and then say why we think a middle ground that [...]

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Are Conservatory Roof Replacements Legal?

The problems inherent in most conservatories has led to the rise of solid replacement conservatory roofs but are they completely legal?  The idea behind these roofs is simple - conservatories’ problems stem from the roof, glass or polycarbonate materials that are unfit for purpose. Replacing the roof should therefore remove the problem, turning a flawed [...]

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