How a Conservatory or SIP Extension Can Be The Perfect Home Office

Have you found yourself working from home almost exclusively in 2020, a pattern that seems set to become the new normal? Has much of this time been spent at the kitchen table, or maybe on the couch? Maybe, don’t tell the boss, you’ve even spent some of your time working from bed. None of this [...]

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Want To Use Your Conservatory All Year Round?

There is still time to change your conservatory roof for a SupaLite warm roof system……. Our Supalite lightweight solid tiled roof does what it “says on the tin.” The roof system is designed to replace the existing glass or polycarbonate roof of a conservatory while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and walls.  At the [...]

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Enjoy Peace and Quiet with a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Having a conservatory is a great addition to your home for many reasons; it can create extra space for entertaining guests or even provide another room to use as a dining room, study or extension of your living space. You may already have a conservatory but find that you don’t use it very often because [...]

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Conservatory Roof Styles

Most Popular Conservatory Roofs   You may not be aware that there are actually multiple styles of conservatory roofs, with all having certain benefits. Some styles are more suited to specific house types while some can be quite generic, and often people can make a choice based on their personal taste when it comes to [...]

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Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

Choosing to replace your conservatory roof can be a big commitment and an important decision when it comes to improving your conservatory; whether you want to update the exterior or you want a more comfortable living space with an ambient temperature, the SupaLite Lightweight Solid Tiled Roof is the way to do it. You may [...]

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Bring a Winter Wonderland to Your Garden

Christmas is only round the corner now and you may be wondering how to decorate your house, if you haven’t done it already! Despite the dark nights and the miserable weather, your garden can still look pretty in the winter especially if we’re lucky enough for snow this year. A conservatory is one of the [...]

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Is A New Conservatory Roof Worth The Cost?

You may be disappointed with how your conservatory looks or how it performs in winter and summer, but is a new replacement conservatory roof worth the cost? Like most things in life, the right answers is: "it depends". For the cost to be justified, it has to remedy the problem with your conservatory,  and make [...]

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Four ways to reduce energy bills at home

Everyone likes to save money wherever they can – whether you’re saving up for a major purchase like a holiday, new car or deposit on a home, or are just putting some money away for a rainy day. When it comes to actually saving money, however, this can sometimes be easier said than done. While [...]

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