Can A Conservatory Roof Be Replaced?

Conservatory owners have many common questions – why did I buy this? and Why is it always so hot in here (or so cold in winter!) chief among them.

There is another regular question, and one which looks to solve the problems inherent in so many conservatories – can a conservatory roof be replaced?

The great news is that we can answer that straight away and also with a positive response – yes, conservatory roofs can be replaced.

That, though, leads to inevitable follow-ups. What can they be replaced with and what’s the best option?

Let’s take a look.

Options for Conservatory Roof Replacement.

Two of the replacement options are obvious – you can change an old roof for a new glass or polycarbonate roof. However, as you probably have one of these roofs already and they are the cause of the problems this might not be much help.

Glass and polycarbonate roofs are unfit for purpose. Neither can regulate temperature and so the conservatory becomes too hot in the summer and can only be used in winter with the heating on near 24/7. Sold as a great room to enjoy all year round, many conservatories are so flawed they are used simply as extra storage or a room to only be used during the most mild of temperatures.pcl conservatory roof replacement

More recently, there have been more appealing options for roof replacement, this because of legislation change.

For around the last decade, it has been possible to change a conservatory roof for a solid, lightweight tiled roof.

These roofs, at least those made to high standards and which come with approval, are worth having, they fundamentally alter the conservatory.

A lightweight, solid conservatory roof has many options. By changing the roof you get a room that:

  • Can be enjoyed all year round
  • Can have a whole host of uses, from home office, to lounge to games room and anything else besides
  • Saves the homeowner money – the energy efficiency means that heating bills are reduced in winter – this by an estimated £200 according to independent research
  • Can add value to the property. Any would-be buyer is getting usable space rather than a flawed room. Often, the work will pay for itself and more besides.
  • Look great. Whereas a glass or polycarb roof can look a bit like a bolt-on to the rest of the property, a solid, tiled roof makes it bend in.
  • Is effectively an extension, just without the eye watering cost of an extension

Which Replacement Roof To Choose?

The fact you can change – we prefer upgrade –  a conservatory roof for a solid, tiled one is great news, but that still leaves one key question. Which roof to choose?Before After

At PCL, we manufacture and install the SupaLite system and so can talk about the benefits of that  roof option. There are, of course, other products available, but we are proud to put our name to SupaLite, a roof system with a range of advantages.

As the name implies, SupaLite is the lightest of all the replacement roofs, this means that it can be fitted to any conservatory structure without any danger of it compromising the existing frame.

Light, though, does not mean compromised performance, the SupaLite roof has a U-value of 0,18, this a match for nay other replacement conservatory roof.

SupaLite is the only replacement roof to have a matching fascia and soffit system, while large roof vents are available to allow in maximum light – the benefits of a conservatory are retained, it remains light, but without being uncomfortably hot.

The SupaLite system also comes with full building approval and at PCL we are UK’s longest-established full replacement roof suppliers.

Aestehtically, they are stunning, with a huge range of styles and subtle colours ensuring that the end product will blend in perfectly with the rest of the house. It will create a room that looks designed to go with the rest of the house, rather than one which has little in common style wise.

We could go on listing benefits, but please take the time to have a look around the and see how we compare to other companies. There is a wealth of information on this site, with some key links included below.

If you do want an obligation free chat or to arrange a free quote, please contact us by calling 0800 031 5444 or using our Contact Form. 

Oh – and a word of caution – whatever you end up choosing, please do not opt for a cheap, cladding. These are sold as being suitable for conservatory roofs but they can place too much weight on the structure and lead to collapse. Supalite_roof_pitfalls

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