Christmas is only round the corner now and you may be wondering how to decorate your house, if you haven’t done it already! Despite the dark nights and the miserable weather, your garden can still look pretty in the winter especially if we’re lucky enough for snow this year.
A conservatory is one of the best ways to enjoy your garden; taking advantage of the large windows and being closer to your garden while sat inside. This is only enjoyable if your conservatory is warm, and thanks to PCL Building Products you can now have an insulated roof that keeps your conservatory at an ambient temperature all year round.
If you have a new conservatory, or you have just had your roof replaced, you may be looking to take advantage this Christmas and want to decorate the space. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you out!Light up the room
A conservatory is often a room that can have a lot of natural daylight in summer but now that winter has finally arrived, you may notice that your conservatory can be quite a dim room especially in the evenings. Fairy lights and other indoor lights can be used in your conservatory to bring a bit more festivity and brightness to your conservatory. You could even extend this effort and use outdoor lanterns or lights around the trees in your garden. This could be a great view from your conservatory as you entertain guests over the Christmas period.
Whether you are using your conservatory to house guests for Christmas Day or even a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll definitely need some little decorations here and there! There are hundreds of different types of decorations to choose from, but here are a few of our favourites.
Fir cones dotted around the room or even a holly wreath on the table could add a great splash of colour and create a bit of a winter forest theme, along with some white or silver candles for that extra cosy touch.
Store your Christmas cards
Receiving Christmas cards is always a lovely gesture, but depending on how many you receive you may struggle to display them all! You can now buy Christmas card hangers which allow you to string your cards around the room, like your very own homemade bunting. This could be an extra decoration for your conservatory to keep up the festive theme.
If you’re looking to improve your conservatory in order to enjoy it all year round, get in touch with us today for your own insulated conservatory roof!