It is important that we remember the little things that could affect our homes and our health. In the summer it is easier to be exposed to natural light, even though our weather isn’t always so predictable when it comes to the seasons. We all dream of sunny days so we can throw the curtains back and open the windows to let in light and air. Even in the winter we should still strive to utilise as much natural light as we can get our hands on, and here at PCL Building Productswe wanted to give you a few reasons why.

Energy savings

It may be the obvious reason to have natural light streaming into your home, but cutting back on little things here and there can make a big difference. By making the most of the natural light coming through our windows, we may not need to turn as many lights on. It has been said that up to 40% of your home’s electricity use is down to lighting, so just imagine the savings you could make.

Interior of our homes

Natural light has been said to help keep away mildew and mould, so as well as brightening up your home, exposure to sunlight can also be nature’s way of keeping your house in tip-top condition.

On top of this, natural light can benefit our home in the form of increasing the aesthetics of your interior design. Spaces can look bigger and more airy with natural light flowing in and gives the house a more inviting and cheery feel. You could achieve this by installing some sliding doorsor bi-folding doors.

The orientation of your windows and its relation to the sun’s movements can help too. A south-facing window is often tipped as the best for supplying steady daylight into your home.

Our wellbeing

We all know that Vitamin D is good for your happiness and general wellbeing. Being exposed to natural light can increase your productivity and can actually make you happier – sunlight can boost our natural serotonin levels. Natural light in the home also helps to maintain our body clock.


The likes of conservatories and bi-folding doors can be essential additions to your home if you’re looking to utilise natural light all year round. Contact our teamtoday for more information.