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Create Space for Your Family at Christmas

It’s the time of year where you could be entertaining family and friends and you may worry that you don’t have enough room for everyone. Christmas is the time of the year where your house can be full of guests, old and young, and your house needs to be able to accommodate them comfortably. Here [...]

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Have a Better Christmas with a SupaLite Conservatory Roof

With the cold weather starting to settle in, and Christmas beginning to creep into everyone’s minds, we start to organise ourselves for family visiting and entertaining guests over the next few weeks. Our conservatories are a great way to create extra space in our house, but more often than not they become an unwelcoming space [...]

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Enjoy Peace and Quiet with a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Having a conservatory is a great addition to your home for many reasons; it can create extra space for entertaining guests or even provide another room to use as a dining room, study or extension of your living space. You may already have a conservatory but find that you don’t use it very often because [...]

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Famous Conservatories Across The UK

Conservatories have been popular across the UK for years, providing a great space not only for their original purpose of housing exotic plants, but as a place to relax and for a great view of your garden. Conservatories are closely linked with greenhouses, usually filled with plants and the feel of a warmer climate. [...]

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Benefits of Natural Light in the Home

It is important that we remember the little things that could affect our homes and our health. In the summer it is easier to be exposed to natural light, even though our weather isn’t always so predictable when it comes to the seasons. We all dream of sunny days so we can throw the curtains [...]

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Estate agent values a Supalite Solid Roof conservatory as if it were an extension

In September 2017, a Midlands estate agent added £20,000 to the asking price of a home, all because it had a conservatory with a Supalite Solid Roof. This is what he said: “As a rule, a typical glass roof conservatory wouldn’t usually have any effect on the value of a house, unless it is very [...]

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Conservatories: A Key to your Summer Home Makeover

People choose to have a conservatory for many different reasons, sometimes because they wish to create more room in their home, or because they would like a particular room to entertain guests or keep the children occupied. Whatever reason you have for wanting a conservatory, it can be a huge improvement for your home and [...]

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I love our British Summer!

It evokes images of country gardens filled with wild flowers, outdoor festivals, fun filled longer days and flowing dresses. Cream teas, Pimms, strawberries and cream, Wimbledon tennis, and cricket matches.  Lazy sunny weekends spent enjoying our awesome British countryside. And even if it rains we get to see lots of greenery!  Our summer wouldn’t be the [...]

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PCL At The Royal Cheshire County Show 2018

What a great fun day out for all the family at the Royal Cheshire County Show! There is so much to see….animals and wildlife, chefs cooking food, tasty foods to try, fresh local produce, arts and crafts, thousands of horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, pigeons and rabbits are involved in competitions in hundreds of [...]

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How to Make the Most of Your Garden

Our gardens can be tricky to get right; thanks to our ever-changing weather and often wet conditions, getting out in the garden isn’t always an easy feat. Now that we’re nearing the end of summer, many homeowners may simply give up on their gardens and wait for next year’s good weather. However, there’s so much [...]

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