Add Value to your Home !

Several simple ways to improve the resale value of your property and find out why your home may be losing value by clicking here..

External Value Boosters!

  • Landscape your Garden:  trim your trees and sculpt your hedges, even a simple mow and a tidy-up will work wonders.
  • Build Decking: Decking has long been a buyer’s choice for those lovely evenings during the summer.  Nothing better than a bbq with friends and family sitting on a lovely deck.
  • Install a Paved Patio – Almost as popular as decking, and for the very same reasons!
  • Buy or Build a Home office:  due to the pandemic and the way the internet has improved remote working options, working from home is becoming a very up-and-coming trend. We can supply and install an insulated office in your garden!
  • Build a Garden Room:  Garden rooms are very cost-effective, they add value and add usefulness.
  • Invest in a Kitchen Extension: extend your kitchen! kitchens have long been seen as a must for all homes, so offering a better kitchen is always going to be a plus point!
  • Convert your garage, repair your garage or  build a new garage
  • Convert your conservatory into an extension
  • Replace your glass/polycarbonate conservatory roof with a lightweight tiled roof.
  • build a porch or a mudroom.
  • Build/divide the home into a utility room.
  • New windows & Doors.
  • Build a home gym in your garden using one of our SIP Kits.
  • Create an Outdoor Kitchen
  • Clear the exterior of junk, clutter and unwanted weeds.

Some improvements such as a single-storey extension/ conservatory conversion can add 5-8% to the value of your home.  Garage conversions can add up to 20% – Factors to consider are, Better quality is a must for higher returns.  This also means if you are a landlord with properties to let, you can also increase your income.

Internal Value Boosters!

  • Decorate! – neutral colours always work best, avoid flamboyant decor or personal taste if you are planning to sell up.
  • Carpets / flooring replacement
  • New / refreshed bathroom suite and tiles,
  • New or /refreshed kitchen.
  • Have a good clear out, get rid of any clutter, and rubbish. Add some kerb appeal!
  • Keep the house clean and tidy at all times just in case.
  • Good solid locks on the doors and windows.
  • Deodorise and try to remove any pet smells.
  • Bring some plants into your life, and get some plants that clean the air such as a Lilly.

Kerb Appeal =  The 1st impression a buyer gets when they look at the house. is it pretty or messy!

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