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A SIPs home extension is three times stronger than a traditional build and can be built with less disruption on site – it is a compelling choice for those considering a home extension in Chorley. 

These extensions are not made of traditional brick and mortar construction, instead, they are a panel-based system whereby the panels are fitted together to construct the extension. A finish is then applied, for instance, brick slip, to give the appearance of a more traditional extension.

Home Extension Chorley

There is of course nothing wrong with a traditional brick and mortar extension – they have been a great addition to hundreds of thousands of UK homes. However, we believe that SIPs extensions now have a number of key advantages that make them a compelling choice.

Reasons To Consider A SIPs Extension in Chorley


They Are Built To Last

The previous benefit, that they are affordable, would be worthless if these were extensions that didn’t last. It would not be a fair comparison.

Fortunately, this is not the case, SIPs extensions are three times the strength of traditional builds and are built to last.

It is worth giving thought to where these extensions are already commonplace – Scandinavia and the United States. These are two areas where the climate is far harder than the weather we see in Chorley (even if the northwest weather can be a tad grim at times). 


They Can Be Used For Any Purpose

This benefit is not exclusive to SIPs extensions, it is true for any well-made extension. The room can be sued for any purpose, it can be a home office, extra lounge space, a games room, or a room for the children (or a room for adults to get away from the children).

When you are in your extension you don’t want to be thinking about how it was made, this is true whatever the building method. With a SIPs extension, you will be enjoying a well-made room, beautifully finished inside and out.


They Are Thermally Efficient

The panels are built with a solid core of insulation, this then helps to create a room that is easy to heat and stays warm – yet without becoming too hot in summer.

They utilise modern building techniques that use fewer resources and create a finished room that requires less energy to heat – much of the move towards panel-based systems such as SIPs is out of the recognition that this is a more efficient way of building, one that uses fewer resources and creates rooms that are easier to heat.


Limited Time On Site

Nobody wants builders at their house for longer than is necessary – we understand that.

The SIPs system helps keep time on site to a minimum, the panels are prepared off-site and then fitted together on site. Much of the work can be done in our factory where we build and cut panels to size – this also helps with quality control as every part can be checked in factory settings, rather than having to be assessed or built on site.

At the time of writing, limiting time on site has further benefits as we all adjust to social distancing and the changing world brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Video Showcasing The SIPs System

Sometimes, a video can provide more information than a thousands of words – please watch the video below to get a good sense of the SIPs system, how it works and how we install these extensions.


full colour brochure.


Next Steps

If you think that a SIPs extension is an option on which you would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

At PCL, we are proud to be manufacturers and installers of this form of extension. We have a proven track record and universally positive reviews – on the allchecked.com website – home to verified, impartial reviews – we average 4.9 out of five, and every one of our 52 reviews is positive.

Please do take the time to read our reviews, many of which also include photos both of the project being undertaken and then the finished work.

Call us on 0161 300 4900 or use our Quick Quote form.


About Chorley

Chorley is a town in Lancashire, northwest England with a population of 34,667 as of the 2011 census.

As with much of the northwest, it played a prominent role in the Industrial Revolution and the town’s wealth at the time stemmed from the cotton industry.

Employment is now more based on service industries, the town has shown initiative by launching schemes such as ‘Choose Chorley’, a 2011 idea that sought to welcome new businesses to the town.

Chorley is famous for the Chorley Cake and there are local competitions to find who can make the best version of this local delicacy.

The actor Steve Pemberton and former England rugby captain Bill Beaumont are among those to have been born in the town.

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