Conservatories vs Orangeries: What is the Best Option for Your Home?

It is a common question asked when people are considering making some improvements or additions to their homes. Many people are not aware that conservatories and orangeries, although similar constructions, do have their differences and can have different impacts on your house. A conservatory serves a different purpose to an orangery and so here at PCL Building Products we thought we would highlight some of the differences and help you to make a decision between the two.

What is the difference

Originally, both constructions were created for the purpose of housing citrus and exotic plants but developed over the years into separate spaces that provided different functions. A conservatory was originally formed to recreate a sort of greenhouse, made mostly of out glass and provided maximum sunlight exposure for various plants that were kept in there.

An orangery was seen as more of an extension of your home, almost a continuation of the original build but it didn’t necessarily have to be attached to your house.

Modern differences see something a little varied, with the conservatory seen as an extension of the house and often sharing the design or features of your house. As a rule, an orangery still maintains a touch of elegance but could even look different to the interior of the house.

Which design is best for my home

When it comes down to it, both conservatories and orangeries are very similar and often the best decision is down to what style of extension you would like, or what your personal taste is. One thing that may be worth noting is that if you choose to have an orangery, you will require planning permission.

Orangeries are still considered by some as a private space with emphasis on luxury but both an orangery and a conservatory can add a great improvement to your home for many reasons, including providing more space for your family and guests.

When it comes down to it, a conservatory will allow more light into the room and provide a better view of your garden, whereas an orangery would possibly be better insulated and provide more privacy. This of course all depends on the design you choose, as with products like the SupaLite Tiled Roof your conservatory could still be well-insulated.

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